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Max Geyer - Management ConsultantWhen we established Viamax, Sylvia and I wanted to base our efforts on a theme that would represent us personally and also that would represent our business to our clients...

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Backup Recruitment Assistance

Help with Getting the Right People:

So, you have advertised for a replacement/ new person and don’t have the time or resources to sort out the potentially hundreds of applications you may receive.

You really only want to interview 3-4 people for each position but don’t have the time to develop a suitable short list of people to interview.

Viamax can help you sort out the logistics related to recruiting people to your organisation by:

Backup Recruitment Assistance

  • Establishing for you a central application point for applicants;
  • Sorting the applicants according to your selection criteria;
  • Providing a short list of most suitable applicants for you to interview.

Do you really understand the pitfalls involved in the recruitment process; what you can ask and what you cannot ask in an interview?  Do you find the interview process unsatisfactory and disjointed?

Viamax can provide help in the form of:

  • Guidance related to what questions to ask to get the type of answer you are after without crossing legal or ethical boundaries;
  • A structured interview process which gives a comparative rating of applicants;
  • A person to sit with you on an interview panel to provide an independent assessment of the interviewees;
  • Assistance with reference checking and medical assessment coordination.