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Max Geyer - Management ConsultantWhen we established Viamax, Sylvia and I wanted to base our efforts on a theme that would represent us personally and also that would represent our business to our clients...

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How We Help

Backup Recruitment Assistance

Help with Getting the Right People:

So, you have advertised for a replacement/ new person and don’t have the time or resources to sort out the potentially hundreds of applications you may receive.

You really only want to interview 3-4 people for each position but don’t have the time to develop a suitable short list of people to interview. Continue reading

“Clear Thinking” Personal Coaching

Help with Setting and Achieving Goals:

Many people have ideas they want to develop and goals they want to set and achieve.  A great many of those ideas and goals never see the light of day or never reach the stage where they become an outcome. Continue reading

Emotional Intelligence Assessment & Coaching

Help with Better Relationships:

Do you sometimes wonder why some interactions and relationships just don’t seem to be as good as they could be?  Are you confident that issues between people and departments are being managed as well as they could be? Continue reading

People Performance Support & Development

Help with People Performance & Support:

Are you constantly finding your time is spent trying to correct the behaviour of a few individuals who just don’t seem “to get it”?

Would you rather spend your time catching your people doing well and then reinforcing the behaviour that brought you pleasure? Continue reading

Business Management Systems Review

Help with Due Diligence:

So, you got “someone” in to have a look at your Health and Safety Management Systems a few years ago, and you “think” they should be ok.   Are you aware that Health and Safety Management Systems, in many jurisdictions, should have been revised in view of the changed Work Health & Safety legislation that came into force in those jurisdictions in January 2012? Continue reading