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Max Geyer - Management ConsultantWhen we established Viamax, Sylvia and I wanted to base our efforts on a theme that would represent us personally and also that would represent our business to our clients...

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People Performance Support & Development

Help with People Performance & Support:

Are you constantly finding your time is spent trying to correct the behaviour of a few individuals who just don’t seem “to get it”?

Would you rather spend your time catching your people doing well and then reinforcing the behaviour that brought you pleasure?

People performance to Viamax means recognising the things that people do well today and supporting them to do those things better tomorrow.  It is a people improvement take on the old continuous improvement process and we believe it applies equally well to the people in your organisation as it does to the processes that go into making your products or delivering your services.

Viamax can assist you maximise the capability of your people by:

  • Working with your managers and supervisors to identify proactive performance measures, which will guide acceptable behaviour outcomes and provide you with the structure to manage those who can’t get on board;
  • Working with individuals and/ or teams to help them meet acceptable behavioural standards and your business objectives.

Help with People Development:

The text books tell us that “Competence  =  Skills/ Knowledge Applied to a Standard”.  At Viamax we take that concept literally and so, in order to give you the confidence that your people are “competent”, we will:

  • Assist you to identify the personal performance standards within your operations which will give you the best outcome for your business;
  • Work with your managers and supervisors to identify the skills and knowledge that your people must have to meet your business objectives;
  • Facilitate the development of the identified skills and knowledge for your people to apply in their work through a combination of On-the-Job and more formal training;
  • Help develop measures to demonstrate that individuals are applying their skills and knowledge to meet those standards;
  • Develop with you the means to “catch people doing the right thing” and to reinforce the required behaviours.